Teeth Whitening in India

What is teeth whitening ?

Because of bad eating habits or smoking habits color of our teeth turns yellowish or pale yellowish. Tooth whitening is done to restore the natural white color or beyond the natural shade. This is done by simply removing the stains and dirt deposited on the walls of the teeth by using medicines and ointments. Dentists usually use bleaching method for teeth whitening.

How to prevent the yellowing of teeth

To prevent teeth yellowing following things need to be stopped immediately –

  • Tobacco
  • Smoking
  • Black tea and coffee
  • White & red wine
  • Sports drinks
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Sauses

Side effects of teeth whitening

  • Teeth sensitivity may occur or increase
  • Pain

Best hospitals for teeth whitening in India

Here is the list of some renowned hospitals for teeth whitening in India – 

1) Matrix Dental Implant Lounge, Delhi

2) Smile Dental Clinic, Delhi
3) Maximus Dental, Delhi
4) Nanda Dental, Delhi
5) Clove Dental, Delhi
6) Clove Dental, Bangalore
7) Care Dental Hospital, Bangalore
8) Partha Dental, Bangalore
9) Vasan Dental Care, Bangalore
10) Dentissimo Dental Care & Spa, Mumbai
11) Dr Turner Specialty Dental Center, Mumbai
12) Signature Smile Dental Clinic, Mumbai
13) Winning smile dental lounge, Hyderabad
14) Hyderabad Smiles Dental Hospital, Hyderabad
15) Smiline Dental Hospital, Hyderabad
16) FMS Dental Hospital, Hyderabad

17) Dentzz dental, Delhi

Cost of teeth whitening in India

Cost of teeth whitening cost varies between $ 200 – 400 USD in India.

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