Frozen embryo transfer in India

Frozen embryo transfer in India. Best doctors for frozen embryo transfer in India. Cost of frozen embryo transfer in India. Frozen embryo transfer in India cost & hospitals.

What is frozen embryo transfer ?

Embryo freezing is the modern way of preserving embryo in between fertilization & blastocyst stage at sub-zero levels. This is usually done for patients who have gone for IVF treatment and they preserve some part of embryo just in case IVF is not successful this time. Patient need not go full cycle of IVF treatment if she has already preserved the embryo.

Best hospitals for frozen embryo transfer in India

  1. Max hospital, New Delhi
  2. Infertility India
  3. Bloom IVF clinic
  4. BLK Super Specialty Hospital, Delhi
  5. Indira IVF center
  6. Pulse Women’s hospital
  7. Care IVF
  8. Nova IVF 

Cost of embryo freezing in India

Cost of embryo freezing in India is approximately $ 600-800 USD / Year in a good hospital in India.

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