Drug De Addiction centers in India

What is drug-de addiction ?

Drug de-addiction or rehabilitation is a process in which drug addicts receives medical & psychological treatment to overcome addiction from substances like alcohol, smoking, prescription drugs, marijuana, heroin, cocaine, or amphetamines. In this process drug addicts are empowered to confront the dependence on these substances by using psychological, medical, legal, financial means. Treatment includes expert counselling, medications, sharing experience with other addicts, meditation, yoga, healthy living & food etc.

Drug de-addiction & rehabilitation in India

India is home to some of the best drug de-addiction and rehabilitation centers in the world. These centers uses different age old traditional Indian methods like Ayurveda, Yoga, Panchkarma along with latest medicines and technology to treat the patients. Patients can stay in the center till he is fully recovered from the disease. 

Why choose India for drug de-addiction & rehabilitation ?

There are many reasons for choosing India for drug de-addiction & rehabilitation –

  • Drug de-addiction & rehabilitation centers in India uses 5000 years old traditional Ayurveda, Yoga & Panchkarma along with latest medicine technique to give best results and total rehabilitation from the drugs.
  • Very low cost of drug de-addiction and rehabilitation.  
  • World class drug de-addiction & rehabilitation centers in India.
  • Certified doctors, psychologists and para medic staff to take care of the patient.
  • No waiting, immediate treatment.
  • Amazing care & hospitality.

Best drug de-addiciton & rehabilitation centers in India 

Here are the list of some of the best drug de-addiction & rehabilitation centers in India.

  • Anatta Humanversity, Pune
  • Cadabams, Bangalore
  • Tulasi Healthcare, Delhi
  • Phoenix Foundation, Hyderabad
  • Aroo Foundation, Mumbai
  • Aarit Recovery Center, Chennai
  • Amitha, Bangalore
  • Punarjani, Thrissur

Cost of drug de-addiction & rehabilitation

Cost of drug de-addiction & rehabilitation depends largely upon the type of addiction a patient is suffering from and time span of the treatment. Approximate cost starts with $ 500 USD and goes up to $ 25,000 USD.

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