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Treatment in India

India is home to more than 500 NABH  /JCI accredited hospitals. Hospitals in India are equipped with latest medical technology and board certified internationally acclaimed doctors, and thus patients from round the globe visit here for medical treatment. Specialists in India are equipped to handle any kind of complex disorders and thus patients visit here for taking second opinion on recurring disorders too.

Chorion Healthcare is a award winning, professionally managed medical tour operator offering economical treatment packages for Urology, Organ Transplant, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Infertility treatment, ENT, Neurology, Cosmetic Surgery, cardiology, Cancer, Ayurveda, Dental Implants and other diseases.  

Cancer treatment in India

India is home to some of the best cancer hospitals & specialists. We guarantee world class cancer treatment at economical cost. Apart from internationally certified & super specialist doctors, best cancer hospitals in India are equipped with all the latest technology and equipment to handle any complex procedures, diagnose and treat the cancer more effectively. Patient receives the same treatment and medicines in much lower cost. Entire set up is made as such that patient doesn’t feel traumatic or undue stress. Connect with us for economical cancer treatment in India. We also provides advice and support for the challenges that a patient may face on their cancer journey. Patient, family and attendants can drop in anytime to know more about the wide range of benefits.

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Cancer surgery in India

Centers for Cancer Surgery in India are the most advanced cancer surgery center, where we treat both benign tumors and a wide array of cancers including highly complex and multiple/recurrent cases. We have team of super specialist cancer surgeons who perform highly advanced minimally invasive and open surgical procedures including esophagectomy, gastrectomy, hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC), liver resection, colorectal resection, pancreatic resection (Whipple procedure, distal pancreatectomy), splenectomy, radiofrequency ablation, and irreversible electroporation.

Cancer surgeons in India performs liver cancer surgery, colon cancer surgery, stomach cancer surgery, kidney cancer surgery, mouth cancer surgery and other caner surgeries with utmost precision and success.

Why choose India for medical treatment ?

There are various reasons which made India the preferred destination for patients. Every year thousands of patients comes to India for treatment of complex disorders. Some of the reasons are –

  1. Quality of treatment.
  2. World class and renowned super specialist doctors.
  3.  World class infrastructure and use of technology.
  4. Almost zero waiting period.
  5. Very low cost of treatment. 
  6. JCI & NABH accredited hospitals.
  7. Amazing care & hospitality.
  8. No language problem. We speak your language.
  9. Great flight connectivity from round the globe.
  10. Quick medical visa processing.
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Types of cancer we treat

Breast cancer treatment

India is having board certified hospitals for world class yet economical treatment for benign breast diseases, breast cancer and breast reconstruction in India. Breast cancer hospitals in India offers a full range of state-of-the-art breast health services, including diagnostics, surgery, medical and radiation oncology and post treatment support. Our extraordinary team of breast cancer doctors and compassionate staff provides the most advanced treatment techniques as well as emerging therapies, all housed within a serene, state-of-the-art facility designed to ensure the best possible experience for our patients.

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Patients Speak

"I suffered from cancer of bile duct along with Hepatitis C when I contacted Chorion, right from airport pick up to treatment, their representative was always there with us and made sure we do not face any problem or difficulty. All this we got without paying anything to Chorion"
Aisha Mohammed
"My brother suffered from lung cancer. After successfull surgery my brother is totally free of cancer now. We are extremely thankful to Mr Sandeep from Chorion Healthcare for making all this possible. Also thanks for being there all the time."
Mr Patrick - Kenya
“I contacted Chorion for cancer treatment of my brother, Chorion ensured we receive the most economical chemotherapy treatment in a very good hospital. We received very good care & are very happy to take their services."
Mr Fernando - Angola
Luanda, Angola

Patient testimonial videos

Treatment in India

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Interested in visiting to India for medical treatment ? Get completely free consultation at Chorion Healthcare. With 100+ top hospitals in India and 5000+ treated patients, Chorion Healthcare is among the best medical tour operator in India. We offers end to end solution for your treatment requirements. With our in house team of super specialist doctors ,we ensure patient is connected to the best doctor & hospital in India for his treatment requirement. We ensure patient is provided with best in class treatment & care in India. With increase of medical tourism in India, hospitals in India are flooded with patients from foreign countries now, we ensure patient has a stress free and wonderful stay while in India and goes back to his country in best of health conditions. Connect with us for treatment of cancer, organ transplant, heart surgery, cosmetic surgery, infertility and dental surgeries. We have helped patients from Angola, Kenya, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Somalia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Yemen, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan take treatment in India. There are numerous advantages of medical treatment in India like low cost of treatment, availability of world class board certified doctors, use of latest technology, internationally accredited hospitals, quality of care and ease of travel. We welcome you to India for your health needs.

Why Chorion healthcare ? We work only with accredited hospitals and doctors ensuring best medical treatment for the patient. We ensure most economical yet best treatment in India. We are the only company to provide dedicated patient care manager. In house team of super specialist consultants who ensure patient is referred to best hospital & doctor for a particular health problem.